Who are the Yogscast?

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nerd playing the YogscastThe Yogscast primarily deals with online gaming in the form of a video blog that is often packed with humour. It began in July 2008 and has broadcast in excess of 1,500 episodes on Youtube since then, each episode running for approximately ten to 25 minutes. The team consists of several members, two of which (Simon Lane and Lewis Brindley) feature prominently.

Other contributions to the video blog are made by friends of the pair. ‘Yogs’ is short for Ye Olde Goone Show, an homage to The Goon Show, on old British radio comedy involving the talents of Spike Milligan, Peter Sellers and Harry Secombe. It is certainly true that there are similarities between the two shows and one of the biggest appeals of the show is that they pull no punches if they discover issues with games and are not afraid to make disparaging remarks

Why so Popular?

The Yogscast team has received over one billion views on YouTube to date and there are several reasons for this. They actively play games online, demonstrate gaming techniques using different game characters, and reveal their mistakes during gameplay, providing a live commentary throughout. Gamers are loyal and if valuable information is provided, especially in a humorous way, they will eagerly await the next broadcast. Active gamers prefer to receive advice from fellow gamers rather than someone who simply reviews the game from a technical perspective, utilising various software to determine graphics requirements etc. If presented in the Yogscast irreverent style, this makes it more entertaining.


The concept of releasing video blogs that depict two gamers playing a selection of online games may seem unusual but growing viewing figures indicate that their audience is increasing each week. Since 2008, they have released eight series of videos covering such games as The Witcher 2, Condemned: Criminal Origins, Dead Island, and Deus Ex: Human Revolution. They also attended and reviewed Gamescon 2011 and donate regularly to charity.
Whatever your opinion of the team, they are to be congratulated for discovering a niche audience, when initial objectives were not commercially motivated, unlike many other game review sites that are currently available.

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