Style Tips for First Dates

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First DateSo you’re facing that crucial first date – your opportunity to make a glowing first impression! Depending on whether you’re male or female, different sartorial considerations will come into play, but there are certain standard style tips that will apply, either way.

Without wishing to state the obvious, absolutely everybody going on their first dates must pay careful attention to personal grooming. Guys – wash your hands and clean your nails, as mother always told you. Make sure your hair is fresh and clean. Girls will notice poor hygiene, and be put right off. Similarly, if the potential lady in your life turns up on that crucial first date looking a bit grubby – this is a definite no no!

What to Wear During the Day

Ask any man what he expects his new love interest to wear on those all-important first dates, and he may surprise you with the answer. Don’t be too provocative. Fit and flirty is absolutely fine, something like a well-fitting shirt or blouse in a fine fabric like silk or cool cotton in the summer; something that shapes your figure without being too obvious is ideal, teamed with a slim-fit skirt or well-cut jeans or trousers. A pretty dress that expresses your personality without fighting against it is also ideal on first dates – clashing pink and orange stripes may interfere with the intimacy of the scene! If you’re meeting up in chilly weather – for hill walking or cycling maybe – wear appropriate clothes. Cosy, close fitting (why leave him/her guessing?) yet comfy is ideal. Add a stylish scarf for a splash of interest or color (and to stay warm until your date feels brave enough to cuddle up!) A man should dress to fit the activity, and always wear clean/polished shoes! And remember – good jeans will take you anywhere. Dress casual, and feel relaxed.

What to Wear At Night

Ladies – well-cut clothes in classic lines are the way to go on first dates, teamed with a natural yet glamorous look. Being flirty definitely does not include the imminent danger of falling out of a plunging neckline! Leave some scope for the imagination, girls – classy is always better than trashy. It’s a style cliché, but you can never go wrong with a little black dress (LBD). The LBD is elegant, slimming (!) and can be dressed up or down to suit any occasion. Team it with a string of pearls for a more formal dinner or with a motorbike jacket and biker boots if you’re feeling adventurous! The LBD has been an old standard on first dates for decades. It gives a sexy, classy appearance that does not date, or look like you’re trying too hard. For the guys, a great evening style is easily achieved with a beautifully cut jacket – but definitely leave the tie at home. It’s OK for the office, but if you want to wine and dine your date in style, it is just too stuffy. Enjoy!

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